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Accessing Test Site - From Site Not On LAN
Instructions on how to access Development Server off-site.

Step Action
1. The first step is to launch your browser application (e.g. Internet Explorer). Go to Start > Programs > Internet Explorer.
2. In the top main menu of your browser, go to Tools > Internet Options.
3. In the Internet Options dialog box click on the Connections tab.
4. Click .
5. In the Lan Settings dialog box, place a checkmark in the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box and fill out the Address (e.g. and Port number (e.g. 3128) input fields.
6. Click , to set up the local addresses.
7. In the Proxy Settings dialog box, make sure that the same address (e.g. and port number (e.g. 3128) is entered for HTTP server, ONLY, as in Step 5. Note: Make sure is NOT entered in the Exceptions input field.
8. Click .
Updated September 9, 2008