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4.1.1 Getting Started
ON THIS PAGE What is it? Why use it? How do I use it? Lead Management - What is it?
Lead Management is an Internet based computer program designed to assist the Ashton Woods sales staff in contacting potential buyers who have visited our communities.

If you go and visit most new home communities, little follow-up is ever conducted among people who visit the communities. To complement the product and community design differences we have established versus our competitors, Ashton Woods is committed to building a world-class selling organization that follows up with potential buyers.

Lead Management is an easy-to-use computer program that assists you with contact management and helps perform an email, letter and phone contact program specially designed for each potential buyer.

As you learn more about Lead Management and it's capabilities you will see it is a contact manager, office assistant and personal organizer.
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Lead Management is a tool that makes you - the Ashton Woods Sales Representative more efficient and effective. Combined with your world-class selling skills the combination will produce the best-selling communities in the area.

How does Lead Management make you more efficient? By entering in your potential buyers (commonly referred to as traffic) contact information, Lead Management then starts a process designed for each buyer to help you provide email, phone and written follow-up. It provides reminders when each step is to be accomplished freeing you from keeping track of the details and concentrating on the keys aspects of selling. It's an office assistant by printing out letters for you, filing past correspondence and allowing you to keep a paper trail of past contacts and conversations. It's a personal organizer by providing contact information for all of your potential buyers and a calendar through with you can communicate with your sales manager.

However, the most important reason for using Lead Management is it will help you sell more homes. How often have you wanted to clone yourself to accomplish all of the tasks you needed to perform within a day? Our most successful sales people tell us that lead-management is almost that good. It's performs the mundane tasks that high-potential sales people typically don't like to do to free you up for what you do best, and that is sell homes.
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Every morning as you open up your model fire up your computer and log into the lead management system. The introduction screen will provide you with alerts that need to be accomplished within the workday. Accomplish them as time permits throughout the day.

At the close of business, lock your model door and take a few minutes to enter in your contact information for that day's traffic that you haven't been able to enter. Entry for each contact should take no longer than 5 minutes. If you are rushed and need to leave remember that Lead Management is Internet based and can be accessed from your home so enter the contact information that evening when you have a chance. As a rule, everyone's contact information should be entered within 24 hours of their visit to our model as some potential buyers will have emails that need to be sent out by then.

Through analyses of contact information AWH will be able to tailor advertising dollars in more-effective channels to increase the number of people who visit your models and in turn sell more homes.

You're not just an individual sales representative sitting in a model and selling homes by yourself. You are part of a world-class selling organization that is tied together through the Lead Management Sales Assistant. Use it for your benefit and sell more homes.
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Updated May 9, 2008