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How to Ensure Good Data Sync Between D3 & the New System

D3 - To ensure that the data is in sync in both systems when you set up a cutover project, you must follow these steps sequentially
Step Does What Application in D3
1. Create Ledger. GL02
2. Create Project and Lots. JC02
3. Enter Lot Addresses. CS01
Notify IT support desk when the new project is cutover so it can be added to the data sync process.
4. Set up rooms, if new rooms defined for baseplans in the project. TO15
5. Set up option group. TO07
6. Set up new cost types if they are needed. JC01
Notify Susan Gibson in IT Office, Toronto, to add these cost types in the new system.

Wait for overnight data sync.

New System
Step Does What
1. Identify and notify IT Office in Toronto of the new project to be set up in the new system. Concurrently, enter the following:

Application What to enter
Maintain Baseplans Baseplan ID, rooms and their dimensions, square footage, yardage and elevation information that can be used in takeoffs.
Maintain Floorplans Floorplan ID and floorplan elevations. If known enter the selling price. If already set up in a previous project, assign the floorplan to the new project.
Maintain Options Options offered in this project and baseplan. Activate existing options as needed.
Maintain Items New items.
Maintain Item Vendors Vendor prices.
2. Create takeoffs for base plans and options using Maintain Takeoffs.
3. Set up baseplan room standards using Maintain Baseplan Room Standards.
4. Set up preferred vendors using Maintain Vendor Cost Type Preferences.
5. Run budgets for base plans and options to check data accuracy in View Budget Summary.
6. Publish takeoffs using Publish Takeoff Entity.
7. Run JC09 to compare D3 prices to the new system prices. Check for discrepancies, if any.
8. Update selling prices of options using Update Option Calculated Prices or Update Option Explicit Prices. You can also manually enter selling prices in Maintain Options.
9. Enter the following:

Sales Office
Application What to enter
Maintain Project Marketing Information Project information
Maintain Lot Marketing Information or View Project Lot Sales Status Lot premiums

Land Development
Application What to Enter
Maintain Lot Floorplan Restrictions Lot fit analysis, as needed

Wait for overnight data sync.

Ongoing updates during the sales process Site lots in PU10 in D3.
Ensure schedule is set up for lot in NS10 in D3.
Generate PO's in Dynamic Builder (web system).
Update the selling prices in the new system in Maintain Floorplans or Update Floorplan Information.

Now, you can sell houses in the new project.
Updated February 19, 2008