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Getting Started
Changes to models, plans or elevations are permitted in the system if there are no active purchase orders. However, if there are active purchase orders, you must first notify the persons concerned and then proceed according to their decision.

To request model changes and act on requests
PO Menu What it does
PU10 Request Model Changes:
  • Enter project and lot;
  • Choose M to change model;
  • Send automatically email of request to the persons concerned in PO09.
Once a request is made, you cannot create, generate or activate a purchase order until the request is dealt with.
PO08 Accept or Reject Model Changes:
  • Check requests for model changes by pressing the F2 key;
  • Enter Y to accept change requests or N to reject;
  • Send automatically email of decision to the persons concerned in PO09.
PO09 Notify by Email of Model Changes to Persons Concerned:
  • Enter the email address and name of persons to notify;
  • Enter the project code, if required.
Updated December 17, 2007