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Accessing Production Server
Step by step instructions on how to access Production server from the office and home.
Connecting To Production Server
How To Properly Log Out From The System
Connecting To Production Server

  1. The first step is to launch Citrix Program Neighborhood. Go to Start > Programs > Citrix > Program Neighborhood.
  2. Click , to close Citrix XenApp login window.
  3. Click , to close Citrix Program Neighborhood popup window.
  4. Double click on Application Set Manager icon.
  5. Double click on Custom ICA Connections icon.
  6. Double click on Add ICA Connection icon.
  7. Make sure Local Area Network is selected from the drop down list and click .
  8. Enter a custom connection name in the Enter a description for the new ICA Connection input field. This can be anything that you want (e.g. Production).

    Make sure the Server radio button is selected and enter the following server name:

    Tip: To connect from outside GGH or AWH, for example from home, you must enter the following IP address, instead of the above:

    When you are ready, click .
  9. Leave everything as is and click .
  10. Enter your username and domain name. Domain name should be: GBSPROD

    NOTE: To avoid reentering the password every time, you can select Save Password check box and enter your password at this time. However, for security purposes, we do not recommend saving the password.

    When you are ready, click .
  11. You can leave the color and resolution as is:

    Or, to customize, deselect Use Default Window Colors and Use Default Window Size check boxes and select a different color and resolution.

    When you are ready, click .
  12. Leave everything as is and click .
  13. To complete the ICA connection set up, click .
  14. To connect to production, double click on your newly created connection icon.
  15. If you see the following popup message, click to close it.
  16. Enter your password and click to login. You should now be successfully connected to Production.
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How To Properly Log Out From The System

Multiple sessions in Navision are not allowed; only 1 session per company. In the example below, an Orlando session is already running in another window and thus, a second Orlando session can not be opened; a warning is displayed.

Therefore, it is a good practice to log out from Navision and Citrix each time. To do so, follow the steps outlined below.
  1. In the main menu, go to File > Exit. Repeat the same step until all sessions of Navision are closed.
  2. Next, exit from Citrix. Go to Start > Shut Down.

    Another prompt will be displayed; select Log off and click .

    You have now successfully exited the system.
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Updated November 25, 2014