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1. General Ledger
2. Land Costing
3. Community and Lot Costing
4. Payables
5. Account Receivables
6. Setup Forms
7. Reports
General Ledger
  1. How to do bank entries?
Land Costing
  1. Switching Land Job Status
Community and Lot Costing
  1. Lot Setup form
  2. How to transfer deposits from 'dead' deal to the 'reinstated' one?
  3. Budget Process
  1. Posted-dated checks cashed early
  2. How to void a check?
  3. How to (un)void a check?
  4. Print Lien Release - Report Overview
Account Receivables
  1. Failed Deposits
  2. How to refund escrow deposits?
  3. How to post deposits?
  4. How to issue deposit checks (with multiple purchaser names)?
Setup Forms
  1. Modifying posting dates of companies en masse
  2. Posting Date Ranges Report
  1. Builder's Risk
  2. Housing Work in Progress (WIP)
  3. Design Center Income Statement
Updated November 25, 2014