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Converting to PDF using PrimoPDF
Instructions on how to download, install and utilize PrimoPDF. This application allows you to create high-quality PDFs by converting from Word, Excel, and virtually any other printable file type. Note: This process might take as long as one hour to complete, so please be patient.
Part 1: Downloading PrimoPDF from the web
Part 2: Installing PrimoPDF
Part 3: Using PrimoPDF
Part 1: Downloading PrimoPDF from the web
Step Action
1. Go to Start > Programs > Internet Explorer.
2. Enter the following URL in the Address field:
3. Click on the button.
4. site opens up. Click on the link.
5. File Download window gets displayed. Click .
6. In the Save As window, choose where you want the application to be saved and click .
7. Once the application has been successfully downloaded, a Download Complete window is displayed. Click and proceed to Part 2: Installing PrimoPDF section of this tutorial.
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Part 2: Installing PrimoPDF
Step Action
1. Navigate to the folder where you saved the application and double click on the PrimoPDF installation icon.
2. A Wizard will now guide you through the installation process. Click .
3. Select I agree to the terms of this license agreement radio button and click .
4. Choose where PrimoPDF should be installed by clicking on the button. When you are done, click .
5. Click to begin the installation process.
6. Once the installation is complete, fill out the Register PrimoPDF form and click .
7. Click to exit the installer and proceed to Step 3: Using PrimoPDF section of this tutorial.

Note: Select Open PrimoPDF Manual check box, if you want to read the full user manual.
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Part 3: Using PrimoPDF
Step Action
1. Once PrimoPDF has been successfully installed on your PC, let's convert something to PDF format. In this example, we will be converting a Word document.

Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Word.
2. In MS Word, select File > Open from the top menu and select a document for conversion.
3. Once the document is open, select File > Print from the top menu.
4. In the Printer section of the Print window, select "PrimoPDF" from the Name drop down list. Click .
5. In the PrimoPDF window, select Print tab. Click on the Save As button to choose where the PDF file should be saved and select "Open PDF" from the Post Process drop down list.

When you are done, click
6. This is it. If you have followed all instructions carefully, you should now see in front of you the newly created PDF document (PrimoPDF should open up automatically displaying the new document).

For further instructions on how to utilize PrimoPDF, refer to the Help file within the application itself.
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Updated April 15, 2008