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This site contains information about the printing system, the naming conventions, the printing rules, and the steps to set up printers for users in your division.

There are two types of printers:
  1. D3 printers - Printers connected to the D3 system
  2. Windows printers - Printers which you see on the desktop when you select Start > Setting > Printers
To differentiate the make of the printers, each printer is prefixed with either HP or CI, as follows: A report is printed according to the following rules:
  1. A report will be sent to the printer and printed in the style selected by the user.
  2. If the user did not select a printer or style, the report will be printed according to the administrator's choice of printer and style.
  3. If neither rule (1) nor (2), then it will be printed according to the default style and printer defined in PM62.
As the administrator, you in PM60 assign reports to the target printer and define their style.

In PM65, you add new printers or modify the identity, location and settings of existing printers.
Updated December 18, 2007