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Getting Started
Our printing system has the flexibility to allow you to set up your own printer and its settings. For example, you may want to change the printer or style of a report, or even save a report for attachment in an email message.

Whatever you do here, however, affects D3 reports only; it does not affect your reports printed in Microsoft or other software.

But first, get to know the printing system.

Getting Started
Naming Conventions
Hewlett Packard printers are prefixed with HP and all other makes (Canon, C Itoh, Epson, etc.) are prefixed with CI; for example, HP4010 and CI2000.
Style Choices
The format choices available in the system are:
  • Font size.
  • Font style: regular, bold or italic.
  • Orientation: portrait or landscape .
  • Size: legal or letter .
  • Pitch: number of characters per inch (normally, 12 or 13).
  • Lines per inch (normally, 6).
Reports destination
Reports are sent to the printer assigned by either the system or the administrator; some are sent to high-speed printers whereas some are sent to slower printers. Some are printed in legal size and others in letter size. Thus, each report has its own target printer and style. Changes made in one report will not affect another report.
Folder structure
Reports can also be filed; they are filed according to the user's city or rights. Therefore, in your desktop, you see only those folders assigned to you.

The folders are organized as shown below:
Updated December 18, 2007